Artistic Dance Project III

Dance collective at Glashütte Cologne

The Consortium Tanz-AG at Glashütte is an artistic dance project which offers culturally disadvantaged children and youngsters to experience dance in various kinds.

This video shows children and youngsters presenting what they developed once a week over a period of four month. This happened together with two artist dance pedagogues at the Quartier am Hafen in Cologne and at a refugee home in Gremberghoven.
In collaberation with the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, the Youth Welfare Office in Porz and the GZT NRW e.V. (Community for Contemporary Dance) the project was funded by ChanceTanz/Bundesverband Tanz in Schulen e.V. in the context of the platform Kultur macht Stark/Bündnisse für Bildung BMBF. 

Artistic Pedagogical Direction & Implementation:
Ronja Nader & Carina Otte

Camera & Film 1:
Michael Maurissens

Igor Novic

Camera & Film 2:
Igor Novic & Carina Otte

Music of the Lifeperformance (Film 2):
Adam Ster