Bauhaus Festival

Creation / Substance


“She sews with gentle gestures. The repetitive, mesmerizing sound of the sewing machine resonates, as the needle penetrates the material. Soon we enter her surreal world : the nude fabric and the skin fuse and the substances become aliveā€¦”

Associating the female shapes and the human flesh as visual references with the act of sewing, “Creation/Substance” constitues fascinating space of interaction and entangledness of material, object und human being. The created hybrid made out of abstract images of skin, textures of fabric and real body is a female figure that stands for the women of the Bauhaus, who were predominantly limited to the textile arts.


Eleonora Pedretti, Lana Ramsay

Carina Otte

Installation Video:
Lisa Lurati, Eleonora Pedretti, Lana Ramsay

Eleonora Pedretti, Lana Ramsay

Eleonora Pedretti, Lana Ramsay

Installation: Ongoing
Performance: 20 Minutes

Documentation in photo & video:
Eleonora Pedretti, Lana Ramsay