Capturing Traces of Dore

Capturing Traces of Dore

Physical, poetical and musical traces, which the artist Dore Hoyer left behind in periods of German Dance, will be researched and integrated within a contemporarily context. A composition of different (movement) languages builds a choreography, which lets the audience dive into the decades of the 20s til 50s centuries and into Contemporary Dance.


Concept / Choreography / Performance:
Carina Otte

Carina Otte, Stefan Paul Goetsch

Stage / Scenography / Projection:
Carina Otte

Carina Otte

Performance Space:
GONG Theater Hermannstadt/Sibiu (Romania)

Deutsches Kulturzentrum Hermannstadt/Sibiu (Rumänien)


“Capturing Traces of Dore” is a reconstruction and shorter version of the piece “Do reHoyer & blurry spaces”, which was premiered in 2013.
The rights for the art by Dore Hoyer remain with the German Dance Archive Cologne and can only be used with their permission.