Body Lab

Body Lab - Discover your body through dance

Body Lab – Discover your body through dance is a graduation project by dance pedagogue Yvonne Franke as part of the further education “Tanz in Schulen” (Dance in educational facilities) of the German Sport University Cologne and the Centre for Contemporary Dance Cologne.
In combination of science, creativity and the experience of movement, dance, rhythm and voice the students are researching their bodies, its anatomy and function and developing a performance-collage within 3 days.

In cooperation with the pedagogical assistance Marie Carolin Goltz, the dancers and dance pedagogues Yvonne Franke and Carina Otte and with students of the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasiums Köln Ehrenfeld this project was implemented.

Idea & Concept:
Yvonne Franke

Development of Work Sheet:
Marie Carolin Goltz

Development & Implementation of Movement and Dance:
Yvonne Franke & Carina Otte

Yvonne Franke, Carina Otte & Schüler des Alberts-Magnus-Gymnasiums Köln

Video: Carina Otte