The Broken Jug

The broken Jug, Character: Eve

The broken jug (written by Heinrich von Kleist), set in 1685, takes place in a parlor of justice in Huisum. In this fictitious dutch village the jug of Mrs. Marthe Rull gets broken. Mrs. Marthe Rull accuses Ruprecht, the fiancé of her daughter Eve. For clarification of fact justice Walter, jurist Adam, the judge´s secretary Licht, nun Brigitte, Ruprecht with his father, Eve and Mrs. Marthe Rull meet in reaching the court.

Direction by Horst Gross and played by performers of Theaterwerkstatt Nordhorn:

Direction, Dramaturgy & Scenography:
Horst Gross

Assistance of Direction:
Susanne Pels

Horst Gross & Anette de Vries

Lotti Kur

Steffen Barow