Carina and Choreography

Carina graduated with a Master in Choreography at the “Ernst Busch” Academy of Dramatic Arts/Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin.
In addition to physical movement combinations, her choreographies imply also the teaching of improvisational approaches and tools. For her choreography opens up a field where different kinds of artists can meet and mutually enrich one another. Besides human bodies also sound, voice, object, material, projection, light, image, space and time are moving and can be moved into exciting and magical dimensions. Her works were shown at the Orangerie – Theatre at Volksgarten in Cologne, at Wachsfabrik Cologne, at Kiisu Theatre Outokumpu (Finland), at Uferstudios Berlin and at Bauhaus Festival Dessau (Germany). At the International SoloDuo Festival Cologne/Barnes Crossing 2014 she got the audience award for her Solo “undefinable spaces”.
With her works she opens up discourses which seek to let people stay constantly revisable within their individual mindsets.

For an impression click here.