Carina and Dance/Performance

Carina performed for IBM Germany at the CeBIT in Hanover, the ACHT BRÜCKEN Festival Cologne, raum13 Kolacek & Leßle at Deutzer Zentralwerk der schönen Künste, for Peugeot, music videos, movies, TV series, the Bauhaus Festival Dessau and within her own projects like “Do reHoyer & blurry spaces”, which partly leads through the dance history of the 50th. “Do reHoyer & blurry spaces” was shown at the Orangerie – Theatre at Volksgarten in Cologne. At the International SoloDuo Festival Cologne/Barnes Crossing 2014 she got the audience award for her Solo “undefinable spaces”.
Dance styles she performed are Contemporary Dance, Ausdruckstanz (German Dance), Showdance, Hiphop, Modern Dance, Classical Dance/Ballet and Bollywood.

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